Ludo King Tips And Tricks

Ludo King is a board game based on the Pachisi game, Here you will find all ludo king tips and tricks. The Pachisi game and Spanish chess games called Parchis are similar to each other. This is called the game of Kings and Queens because the ancestor’s Rulers of the Subcontinent played this game.

Tips And Tricks Of Ludo King

Tips And Tricks Of Ludo King

As this game is very simple, enjoyable, and logical, mostly it is played by students, families, friends, colleagues, and children. It is the best way to pass your boring and irritating time. It not only makes your free time fun but also makes it memorable and enjoyable. Mostly it depends on luck but also on your strategy of playing and the logic.

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Ludo King Introduction

There are hundreds of Ludo games available on the Google play store but the most popular and famous is Ludo King. The amazing facts and features of ludo king make it superior to all other Ludo games.

A brief overview of this game is given in the table:

Ludo King Wiki

Mika With Ludo

Mika With Ludo

Here is a brief overview for you of ludo king which makes you familiar with all aspects from A to Z.

Name: Ludo King
About this game: Ludo King is a type of board game that is played between friends, family, and children.
Game Type: Board Game
Offered By: Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd
Developed By: Vikash Jaiswal
Developed on: Unity game engine
Address: Mumbai, India
Released on: 17 Dec 2016
Download Size: 61.36 MB
Downloads: 700M+
Reviews: 6M+
Developer Contact: Click Here
Ludo King Support: Click Here
Recent Updated: 06 Sep 2022
In-app purchase Rs 10-35000 per item
Played In: 30 Countries
Language 15
Based On: Pachisi game
Rated for: 3+
Contains Ads: Yes
Facebook Link: Click Here
Twitter Link: Click Here
YouTube Link: Click Here
Instagram Link: Click Here
Website: Click Here
Game Themes: 9
Offline Mode: Available
Online Mode: Available
Quick Mode: Available
Auto Mode: Available
Voice  Chat: Available
Supported Versions: Android, Windows, Desktop, IOS
Invite Friends Option: Available for Facebook, Whatsapp, etc
User Friendly: Yes
Low-end Devices: Supported (4.4 Android and up)
Token Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
Undo Dice Number Time: 1.4 Seconds
Mini Entry Coins in Game (Online Mode): 500 Coins
Max Entry Coins in Game (online Mode): 1,000,000 Coins
Mini Winning Coins (online Mode): 950 Coins
Max Winning Coins (online Mode): 1,900,000 Coins
Mini Entry Coins in Game (Play with Friends): 1000 Coins
Max Entry Coins in Game (Play with Friends): 100,000 Coins
Winning Coins (Offline Mode): 250 Coins
Multiplayer Capacity: 2 to 6
Private Game Room: Available
Emojis Reaction: Available
E Greetings: Available
Mostly Playing By Age: 18 -35 Years
Average Time of Player: 45 Minutes
Daily Active Users: 32 Million

Monthly Active Users:

142 Million

Uniqueness: Topped Google Play Game In 2017
Worth: First Indian game that 100M+ downloads
Most Traffic time: 2 pm to 4 pm & 7 pm to 11 pm
Mostly Audience: India, 75 million
Revenue Recorded: 20 Million $
Which Celebrities played Ludo King: Indian Actor Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, and Director Aanand L. Rai during the shooting of the movie ZERO

Cricketer Virat Kholi with his wife Anushka Sharma in the 2020 lockdown

Urvashi Rautela

Ludo King e-sport Event: Jan 2018
Ludo King Title Song: Mika Singh on 23 Oct 2018
Patriotic Song Released By Ludo King: 8 Aug 2020 titled HINDUSTAN by MEET BROS
Achievement: Indian PM N. Modi Appreciated In Radio Program ‘’ Man Ki Bat’’.
Awards: Best Tablet & Mob Game

2018 Best Casual Game

Top 3 In 2018

MidDay (1st Game)

2020 ET Award

Include In First 21 games of2021

In Top 10 Games

Second Popular Game Among Children In India

Basic Info

This game was developed by Vikash Jaiswal under the umbrella of Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd and developed on the Unity game engine. It was released on 17 Dec 2016 in Mumbai, India. Ludo King has a 51.41 MB download size.

Played in 30+ countries including:

  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Europe
  • USA
  • UK etc

It is available in 15 languages including:

  • English
  • Bengali
  • Tamil
  • Malayalam
  • Bahasa Indonesia
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Hindi
  • Gujarati
  • Telugu
  • Kannada
  • French
  • Arabic
  • Marathi

Popularity Index

It is downloaded more than 500M+ times and has 6M+ reviews. These statistics show the popularity of this game all over the world. This game is also played by celebrities and cricketers. Indian Actor Shah Rukh Khan, Anoksha Sharma, and Director Aanand L. Rai played Ludo King during the shooting of the movie ZERO. Cricketer Virat Kholi played Ludo King with his wife Anushka, Sharma, in the 2020 lockdown.

Amazing Facts

This game has 32 million daily active users and 142 million monthly average active users. This game also earns a recorded revenue of 20 Million Dollars in 2020. Another amazing fact is that the e-sport event of this game also was conducted in Jan 2018. It is also the first game in India that crossed the borderline of 500M+ downloads. This game also has its title song sung by Mika Singh and released on 23 Oct 2018. Ludo King also released a Patriotic song titled HINDUSTAN by MEET BROS on 8 Aug 2020 for his country India.

Traffic Time

Mostly this game is played from 2 pm to 4 pm and 7 pm to 11 pm. This is the time when large numbers of users play this game. It is mostly played by people aged 18 to 35 years. The Average time of a player is 45 minutes in a day. The average time of playing is 30 to 40 minutes. During the pandemic situation in the world when people have been closed to their homes, Gametion has to increase its servers from 8 to 200 to cope with demand.

Achievements & Awards

  • Appreciation by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in “Mann ki Baat” radio program
  • Mobile & Tablet Game
  • Best Casual Game of 2018
  • Top 3 downloaded games in India in 2018
  • 1 Game of India” by MidDay
  • ET Startup Award 2020
  • 21 apps for 2021
  • Top 10 India Headquartered Games Publishers
  • second most-trusted media brands among Indian kids

Ludo King Tips And Tricks

This is the place where you are going to explore the ludo king tips and tricks, hidden secrets, guides, tips, and tricks to win every game against your friend/competitor. You are on a glorious platform to learn the tips, tricks, guides, and cheats about ludo king 2021. There is no other forum where you can learn the list of tips and tricks. So let’s start with us to explore the experience of years of different national players.

The detail of ludo king tips and tricks is here for you:

Collect All Coins As Daily Bonus Reward

Ludo king gives you the daily bonus in form of coins. Collect all your rewards and bonus on a daily basis. Also, increase your coins by seeing ads. These are the best ways to collect free coins.

Play Small Bet When Playing For Fun

When you are playing just for time to pass and fun then just play bet of fewer coins. Because when you play for fun, you don’t have concentration on the game or are in winning mode, so there are more chances to lose the match and coins. So, play small while playing for fun.

Spread All The Tokens On The Board

You should spread your all tokens on the board so that you have many options to play with all numbers get by rolling the dice. This trick also secures your all tokens to keep you mostly safe while playing.

First Open All The Tokens

Always try to open all your tokens while you get six. If you have opened your entire tokens then you have more choices to play with risk and courage. If anyone of your token is struck off by the opponent then you have the other three tokens to play.

Keep Variation In Your Strategy

Try to change your strategy while playing the match. Don’t play with the same strategy every match. You should change your strategy in every match so that the opponent can’t be able to judge your playing strategy.

Move All Tokens

When you open your all tokens then you should spread them on all the board games. So that you can capture the opponent token while you get feasible numbers on dice. It also gives you a better option to play on all the boards.

Try To Kill Opponent Tokens

Try to kill the opponent token where you found them. It makes a good impression psychologically on your opponent and your chances of winning the game are increased.

Block The Way Of Other Player

Keep your token behind your opponent’s tokens and on the stars which are safe places on the board. It imposes a winning impression on your opponent player. This trace and blocking of the opponent make you the winner of the match.

Don’t Take Unnecessary Risk

Playing safe and secure is the basic trick to winning the game. As you take less risk in the match, at some scale, your chances to win the game increase. So, avoid taking the risk.

Mostly Play Safe

Play-safe is a key factor in winning the game. Playing safe means avoiding taking risks and placing your tokens mostly on the stars. Also, avoid from strike off the opponent’s tokes.

Change Strategy In Every Match

Changing your strategy in every game make you perfect because other players can’t judge your playing strategy. This aspect makes you stronger mentally than the other players and it takes you to win the match.

Never Play Haphazardly

Always see your all tokens before playing the rolled dice numbers. Haste makes waste, its means sometimes haphazardly we miss the token of other opponents which leads you to lose the game. So keep open your eyes on all your four tokens and also on the opponent player’s tokens.

Don’t Run Single Token

Try to open all four tokens. Some players open just one token and try to take it home. In this way, the other player strike off your token and you have no chance to play the game because your other tokens are not opened.

Keep Variation Of Time In Rolling The Dice

When you roll the dice at the same time on your turn, it is the probability that you get the same numbers every time or fewer numbers. So, keep variation in rolling the dice according to the time.

Select Your Game Play

When you play the match, you should decide that you will play in defensive mode, safe mode, or strike mode. When you have a clear mind about your match then you can focus on that strategy and easily win the match.

Move More Than One Tokens At Start

First, try to open all your tokens and then move them all on the board. All tokens should be spread on the board so that you have to play easily and safely.

Show No Mercy To Opponent

There is a sentence that there is no sympathy during the war and fighting for the enemy. If you show sympathy to the enemies, it means that you are going to lose the game. Strike off other player tokens when you chance.

Avoid Placing Tokens On The Same Box

Try to spread all tokens instead of grouping your tokens in the same box. It’s not good for you because your opponent can easily strike off more than one token. Also difficult to spread them when other players follow you.

Need Specific Number

When you required a specific number to strike off the opponent token or go to your home then you should leave the dice to auto roll, in this way mostly you can get your specific number. This trick works up to 90%.

Move Tokens With Logic

When you are playing a match, always move your token according to your strategy. Try to read out the mind of the other player or judge the mind and the strategy of the other player. In this way, you can easily win the game.

When You Are Near To Lose

When you are losing the match then try to play an attacking game.  Try to strike the opponent player’s tokens on each condition. In this way, there will be enhanced chances for you to win.

If Defeat Is Inevitable

When you are near to losing then off your internet but not leave the game. In this way, you will save your match bet coins. Use this trick when you didn’t have any hope to win.

Think One Step Forward From Opponent

It is a golden role in the fight and in any game you should read the mind of your enemy. If you have this quality to judge the strategy of your opponent players then no type of luck takes your opponent player to win.

Play Waiting Game

During the match, you can change your playing strategy according to the situation. You should play the waiting game instead of the attacking game. In this way, you will remain cool and think beyond the other players. This trick is also working 100%.

Use Delay In Rolling The Dice

Keep variation in rolling the dice. This will increase the chances of variation in dice numbers. Try to roll the dice at the same time at every turn.

Patience Is Fruitful

While playing the matching you should keep calm. Don’t change your strategy due to the anger of striking off your token. If you lose your temperament then get ready for defeat. So keep a calm and calm mind while playing the match.

Move From Stars Logically

You should leave the safe box of stars safely. There is a difference between stars of 5 numbers and 8 numbers. So when you get 5 and 8 numbers then move to the next star. This is a trick of safe gameplay.

Kill One Token That Which Is Near To Home

When you have the option to strike-off many tokens of your opponent, then strike off that token that has traveled the most distance.

Decrease The Chances OF Killing Your Tokens

Try to safe play and lower the chances of killing your tokens. Stars are the best places to play safe. This strategy always ends with your win.

Take Time To Play The Token

Don’t play haphazardly because haste makes waste. Sometimes playing fast you play the wrong token which leads you to lose. It is experienced that mostly we leave the token of the opponent which as should be killed while playing fast. So before playing the numbers of your dice, see all your tokens.

Block And Limited Your Opponent

Try to kill all the opponent tokens. This will make a winning impression of you on your opponent. He will psychologically lose you. Os try to limit the opponent to one token.

Even Places

Try to keep your tokens in odd places because even numbers can get on dice easily. It also has a good impression on the psyche of other players.

Don’t make Grouping Your Tokens

Avoid grouping your tokens in one place. This is a cool trick to keep your tokens safe and grouped in one place. If your opponent blocked you then try to play safely start to start.

Take Necessary Risk

Always take a calculated risk. This increases the chances of winning. It means that you should kill or leave the opponent token according to the match situation.

Unnecessary Risk Is Mistake

Not sometimes but always the unnecessary risk is great foolish. If you analyze the losing player’s game plan, then you will see that he takes the risk where it is not required. This is the key role of playing every match to avoid over risk.

Be Confident

Confidence shows that you have a grip on the match. If you lose confidence then your luck will leave you. So be confident to win the match. Your confidence is directly proportional to your winning ratio.

Take Time to Think

Keep eye on your all tokens and also on the opponent. Take your time to play your turn. Sometimes playing fastly, you play such turn that which leads you to defeat. So always take to play your turn.

Keep Distance From Opponent

Keep an eagle eye on the opponent’s token and always try to escape far from the tokens of other players. As far you from your enemy tokes, as much you have chances to win. This tactic is much appreciated by all the players of ludo king.

In another sense, when you got high numbers then try to escape from the opponent token and home.

Trick For Last And Second Last Star

When your token is on the last or second last start, then play safe. Try to move your token from star to star.

Don’t Make logically Mistakes

Sometimes you play haphazardly and don’t pay attention to the opponent’s tokens. In this way, you make silly and foolish mistakes like you leave the enemy token or playing the wrong token. So be attentive and careful during playing the match because one mistake takes to you losing the game.

Kill Them At Any Cost

When you are playing a match and have the option to kill the opponent token while there is no benefit to leaving or killing the token. Then you must be killing the other player’s token. This track leads you to grip the game.

If You Are Losing, Change Game Play To Killing

When there is no hope for you to win, then shift your intention to killing the opposite player tokens. This will be fun for you and irritate your opponent. In this way, there will be many chances that your opposite player will make foolish decisions and silly mistakes. This factor will lead you to success.

Move Logically

Always move your tokens with logic and make sensible decisions. That player always wins and plays with logic and strategies. Always there is a foolish decision and silly mistake behind your defeat. So be careful during a match.

Starting Hint

When you open your tokens and then try to strike off the opponent person’s tokens so that you can make a big impression on your opposite player. This trick is making a sense of winning the match.

Practice Makes You Perfect

There is a famous quote that practice makes a man perfect. This quote is also fit for ludo king. It means that by playing more and more matches you make your grip on the game. You make the right decisions and know difficult conditions and what to do.

Use Star

When you are playing a match then you should focus to stay your token in safe places. Playing safe is the priority of every best player.

Choice Booster

Choice booster is a type of booster in which you pay gems for rolling the dice again in the same turn by skipping the earlier rolled dice numbers. This booster should be used when you required specific numbers to kill the opponent token and take your token home. It is advised that you should use this booster when an important point occurs in the match.

Random Booster

A random booster is a type of booster in which you receive an auto roll of dice by the game. This booster is given on killing the other player’s token and on getting six on the dice. This booster should be used logically to win the game.

Don’t Be Rigid

When you decide you play mode for a match then don’t be rigid on it. There should be flexibility in your gameplay according to the situation and requirements.

Be Flexible

This role is opposite to the trick don’t be rigid. Flexibility should be part of your gameplay. Flexible players always win the match while rigid players always lose the match.

Choice Between Victory And Killing

When you have to choose the victory and kill the opponent token then go for the victory. It is a wise and sensible decision.

No Useful Dice Numbers

Sometimes Ta If you have a number that is of no use for any of your pieces, then move the piece that is nearest to the starting point.

Best Trick

Try to move two tokens for playing safe and two tokens for killing the opponent.

The Ruby Trick

This trick includes jolly advice. Play according to your heart. Don’t follow any tricks, guides, or tips. Just listen to your heart and did it.

The Remembering Trick

Always try to remember the number which can lead you to the best place or safe place or the number which will let you kill the opponent.

The R_R Trick

This trick is invented by the two best players (lovers) of ludo king. This is a mixture of many tricks. Try to open your token and spread it all around the board. Play safe logically and kill the opponent token were required according to the situation. Focus on your game and also keep eye on the opponent tokens.

Features of Ludo King

Real King

Real King

  • Offline mode available versus computer and local players
  • Online mode available for friends and international players, also for private game rooms
  • Internet connection is not compulsory for playing this game because of offline mode availability.
  • You can play with multiplayer for up to 6.
  • You can also play locally with family and friends in offline mode for up to 6.
  • Private game rooms are available.
  • Invite friends through different apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, etc for a private game room.
  • You can get a chance to win the top position on board on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis by beating others.
  • Make friends nationally and internationally by chatting and playing with them.

Interesting Features

  • Emojis reactions and E greetings are available.
  • Classic themes create the classic version of the Ludo game.
  • Snake and ladder games are available in seven different themes.
  • Ludo king gives you the bonus on daily basis in form of coins.
  • There are up to six players’ options ludo king.
  • Ludo king gives you an ads-free version by charging money.


Ludo King Waalkthrough

Here is the full walk-through of Ludo king’s from A to Z steps. You can realize every step without playing the game. Click here to get a complete ludo king walkthrough.

Login as Guest

When you log in as a guest in ludo king, a guest number is assigned to you which mostly consists of four digits. After that, you have to select the profile picture from the given list.

Login with Facebook

When you log in with Facebook, your profile picture is auto-fetched and the home screen of Ludo king is displayed.

Home Screen Ludo King updated version

There are five main options on the home screen of ludo king

  • play online
  • play with friends
  • computer
  • pass and play
  • snake and ladder

Play online

There are the following four modes in play online option

  • quick
  • popular
  • classic
  • mask mode

Play with friends

Play with friends in an online mode of ludo king for inviting them to private room games. It has the following option

  • create & join


mean start a new private game by inviting your friends through different social media apps and sending them a link consisting of a private game code.


mean just we have to enter the code by which we are invited by our friends for playing a private game with them.


The computer menu consists of the following two options

  • classic
  • Rush mode

This is the offline mode of the ludo king updated version.


This ludo king consists of the classic rules which are mostly played all over the world.

Rush Mode

Rush mode of ludo king is a very interesting mode in which the player just has to roll the dice and move the tokens without waiting for the other’s turn.

Pass N Play In Ludo King

This mode of ludo king updated version 2021 is offline as well as online having the following options

  • single up to 6
  • team

Single Up to 6

This is a classic game view of ludo king 2021 for local players like friends and family up to 6 players.


Here you can make a team with your buddy and sit side by side to play with the other team. This game is also most enjoyable as compared to a single-player mode game.

Snake and ladder Ludo King Game Updated version

The snake and ladder option is newly added in ludo king’s latest version 2021. It consists of the following options

  • Play online
  • play with friends
  • computer
  • pass n play
  • challenge

This option snake and ladder is a table expands from 1 to 100 counting in the table from. There are ladders and snakes of different sizes linked between the groups of two numbers in the counting table.


  • Rule for ladder
  • Rule for Snake

The rule for the ladder is that if you reached the bottom number of the ladder then you will reach the upper-end number of the ladder. Using the ladders is the fastest way to win the snake and ladder in ludo king.

The rule for snakes is that if you reached the upper-end number of snake mouths then you will be reached lowered end number of snake tails. This rule proves mostly bad luck for players to lose this game.

Play Online

In this online mode of ludo king snake and ladder, you have to choose one bet room from different available game rooms. There is an entry fee in form of coins for game rooms and also a reward in form of coins and gems for winning the game.

Play with friends

Play with friends in an online mode of ludo king for inviting them to private room games. It has the following option

  • create & join


Mean start a new private game by inviting your friends through different social media apps and sending them a link consisting of a private game code.


Mean just we have to enter the code by which we are invited by our friends for playing a private game with them.


The computer menu consists of the following two options

  • classic
  • Rush mode

This is the offline mode of the ludo king updated version.


This ludo king consists of the classic rules which are mostly played all over the world.

Rush Mode

Rush mode of ludo king is a very interesting mode in which the player just has to roll the dice and move the tokens without waiting for the other’s turn.

Pass N Play

This mode of ludo king updated version 2021 is offline as well as online having the following options

  • Single up to 6

Single Up to 4

This is the classic game view of ludo king 2021 for local players like friends and family up to 4 players.


In challenge mode, you can challenge your friends with the snake and ladder game and play to win.

Themes Of Ludo King

These are the following themes available in the ludo king latest version 2021.

  • Nature
  • Egypt
  • Disco / Night mode
  • Pinball
  • Candy
  • Christmas
  • Penguin
  • Battle
  • Diwali
  • Pirate
  • Siu Dhaaga

These themes give the event-to-event look of the ludo king game board. These modes also give classic look to the game board.

Ludo King Rules

Ludo King Rules

  • Ludo is played between 2 to 6 players
  • In the starting, each player is given four tokens of the same color to play with.
  • The aim is to move all the tokens home.
  • The first player accomplishing the task will be crowned the winner.
  • The houses are right in the middle of the board.
  • Once a player wins, the game ends with the rest of the players getting consolation spots.
  • Players roll dice to move their tokens from base to home.
  • To bring out the token from the base, you need to hit a Six on the dice.

Interesting Rules

  • Moreover, rolling out a six provides you with another turn.
  • Make sure to make the best out of that extra turn.
  • But don’t forget, rolling three consecutive Sixes will cancel your turn.
  • You can even capture your opponent’s token.
  • If you land on the same tile where the opponent was already present, you will send that token back to the start (base).
  • If you want to keep your token safe, try to reach those 8 safe tiles on board.
  • Understand the rolling rules

– Score Six.

– Kill the opponent’s Token.

– When Go home.

Conclusion For Ludo King Tips And Tricks

Ludo King is the best game to play between friends and family. This converts your free and boring time into an enjoyable and fun time. This game mostly depends on the number you get on dice, logic, strategies, and lastly on luck. We provided you with 60+ tricks, tips, and strategies to win every match.

The guidance is provided for you on every step of the game to keep winning all the matches. Read them all thoroughly and follow them to make an awesome victory. Ludo king Tips and Tricks, and strategies are more important than experience in this game.

So let’s start playing this game by using our given tips, tricks, guides, and cheats. Your probability of winning every match will enhance to 100%. It’s time to make a surprise for your friends and family. Best of Luck

The suggestions, recommendations, and improvements suggested by all of you will treat as priority-based. If you have any words, sentences, or comments about us then please contact us.

FAQs Of Ludo King Tips And Tricks

Ludo King FAQs

Is it possible to win every match of ludo king?

It is not possible to win every match of ludo king because the probability of winning every match is 50%. Your gameplay decides your match result. Ludo king tips and tricks for you for this purpose.

How can I get six every time?

It is not possible to get every time six but there are mod apk ludo king versions that give you the extra features to win every game.

Which color of the token in ludo king wins mostly?

The colors of ludo king tokens do not play any role in winning the game. Your playing strategy decides your winning.

If I get six three-time continuously in one turn, will a lose my turn?

Yes, when you get six three times consecutively in one turn then you lose your turn. You are not allowed to play the turn and the turn is shifted to the next player.

How many players can play ludo king at one time?

There is an option to play from 2 to 6 players at one time.

Can I earn money by ludo king?  

Yes, you can earn money by selling coins, and gems to other players.

Is it legal to earn money by ludo king?

No, it is not legal. It is against the policy of the ludo king. Ludo King is taking strict action against such players, which are selling the coins.

Where I can download ludo king?

It is available on the Google Play store.

It is possible to hack the dice of ludo king?

No, it is not possible to hack the dice of ludo king but you get the required number by following ludo king tips and tricks.

Are there any pattern numbers that get by dice?

No, there is a random algorithm for numbers on dice.

What effect will be on the dice when I roll them late?

There is the impact of dice rolling it late.

How can I open my token when from the base?

You have to get six to open your token from your base.

How many times do I roll dice in one turn?

You can roll the dice once in one turn. There are three situations in one turn when you roll the dice more than once. These three conditions are:

  • You get six
  • When you kill the opponent token
  • Take you a token home

Follow the above section given ludo king tips and tricks to win all time.

Can I skip my turn in ludo king?

No, you can’t skip your turn in this game. If you did not roll the dice in a given time then the autoplay feature is turned on automatically.

How can I kill the opponent token?

You can kill the opponent token if you get the number that takes your token to the opponent player token box.

Is there any safe place in ludo king?

Yes, there are 8 safe places in ludo king where your token can kill the opponent. These safe places are printed with stars.

Are there any ludo king tips and tricks to win every game in ludo king?

Yes, you can enhance your chances to win every game in ludo king by following these ludo king tips and tricks.

How can I purchase coins and gems in ludo king?

You can purchase coins and gems by paying money in Rs to the ludo king.

How can I remove ads in ludo king?

You can remove ads in ludo king by paying charges to the admin.

How can I play with a Facebook friend in ludo king?

You can do this by following steps:

  • Login with Facebook
  • Send this gameplay request or challenge

Another way is:

  • Go to online mode

  • Create game
  • Send code to friends to join your private room
  • A friend will join your private room and play the game.

Is anything fixed in ludo king?

No, there is nothing fixed in ludo king.

Is ludo king banned in India?

No, ludo king is not banned in India.

Ludo King is a game of luck?

Yes, it is a game of luck. It depends on your dice numbers and your logic as well as strategies. See above the ludo king tips and tricks to win every game.

Is it safe to play online ludo king?

Yes, it is safe to play ludo king. Everything is encrypted and safe so, don’t worry to play online.

Which is the founder country of the ludo king?

India is the founder country of India.

How can I delete my data from ludo king?

Just delete your account; all your recorded data will be lost.

How I Can play I, ludo king, offline?

Go to offline mode, here you can play locally with friends and computer.

Can I block someone in ludo king?

Yes, you can do this with the option of report player.

Can I do voice chat in ludo king?

Yes, the voice chat feature is added recently in ludo king.

How can I get a gift in ludo king?

Just go to the home screen and click the gift icon. You will get your gift.

Can I change the ludo king’s dice?

Yes, you can change the ludo king dice. The dice are changed with themes. So, first, change the theme then the dice will change automatically according to the theme.

Can I change the tokens in ludo king?

Yes, ludo king gives mostly two types of tokens in different modes. Before starting the game, just click on the token icon from which you want to play.