Easiest Way To Win Ludo King Game

Everyone who plays ludo king wants to win the game. Here is the best easiest way to win, tips and tricks to win ludo king easily against your buddies and other international players.

Tricks to Win in Ludo King

Tricks to Win in Ludo King

These tips and tricks are:

Try To Open All The Tokens In Start Is Also Easiest Way To Win

This trick helps you to make the track to the winning point. If you open all the tokens at the start then you have enough options to move the tokens. This trick gives you the chance to play freely.

Change Your Game Play Strategy According To The Situation

Don’t be rigid. Keep changing your strategy according to the situation of the game. If you become rigid then it takes you to defeat. Be flexible during the match.

Choose Winning If You Have Option Between The Winning And Killing Of Opponent Tokens

If you are near to winning and there is the chance to kill the opponent player tokens then go for winning. If you go for killing other players’ tokens then it will mat be become the reason for your killing.

Keep Tokens On Safe Places

If you are near the opponent player base or the opponent player’s token are near to you then keep your tokens in safe places stars from killing.

Try To Move All The Tokens Along with The Board

Try to move all your tokens in the game board. Spread all the tokens on the board and keep them in safe places.

7 Number Strategies Is Easiest Way To Win

If you have to keep your token in front of your opponent player’s tokes then keep your token seven numbers ahead of your opponent tokens because it is observed that the most difficult numbers in the ludo king game are the number 7. So use this awesome trick in your difficult time in the game. This trick works amazingly.

Easiest Way To Win

Easiest Way To Win

Try To Roll Your Dice Many Times In One Turn Is Easiest Way To Win

If you try to roll your dice more than once in one turn then you get enough chances to win and get your required numbers on the dice to kill the opponent player’s token or for winning the game. The tricks are the following to get chances to roll the dice more than once.

First Trick

When you kill the opponent tokens then you get one more chance to roll the dice. So, try to kill the opponent player tokens to roll the dice many times in one turn.

Second Trick

Take your token to your home to get a chance to roll the dice. So make it possible by taking your tokens to your home.

Third Trick

Try to get six to roll the dice again and if you get six then you again get the chance to roll the dice. But remember that your turn will skip if you get three times six in one turn by rolling the dice continuously. So, avoid this third time six to play your other numbers which you get by rolling the dice.


Conclusion Of Easiest Way To Win

These are some tricks to win easily in the ludo king game, so follow them to win every match in ludo king.

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