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There is big breaking news for the followers and fans of that we will hold a grand Ludo King tournament on the national day of Pakistan and India respectively on 14, 15 August and for all our fans rest of the world, especially from the USA, Bangladesh, and others. Tournament Tournament

The rules & regulations, terms and conditions, and schedule will be updated soon on the site. keep visiting us for the schedule.

Terms And Conditions For Ludo King Tournament

The tournament will be played under the following conditions.

Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules

  • The tournament will be played under the knock-out rule. (Every match-losing player will be out of the tournament)
  • Due to the internet connection, the player will be responsible for the result if there is any disturbance.
  • Mod Apk versions are not allowed in the tournament. If anyone is found playing with the mod apk version of ludo king then that player will be kicked out from the tournament.
  • Auto Play mod is not allowed in the match.
  • Every match will be played between two players and a representative tournament will join the match as a visitor to monitor the fair play of the match.
  • Initially, 50 players will be selected from every country in the tournament.
  • There are positions be like in the tournament as Top winners from every country and winner of the tournament.
  • Winner players’ profiles will be uploaded and updated on
  • All the decisions of the tournament will be final and can’t be challenged at any forum.
  • The complete tournament will be managed by the WhatsApp groups.

Apply For Tournament

Form For Tournament

Form For Tournament

  • Apply here for your registration in the tournament by the google form.
  • Another link is
  • Also, apply by our Contact Us form.
  • You have to fill 5 boxes, 3 boxes are compulsory which are Name, Country Name, and Whatsapp Number, 2 boxes are not compulsory which are email and comments.
  • Also can type any thoughts about us in the comment section.
  • Apply form or google apply form will be closed on 12 August and Whatsapp groups will be created on 13 August 2022.


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