Greetings In Ludo King

Greetings in ludo king express your feelings and expressions for other players and the game situation. It also consists of short messages to comment on the match situation and show your feelings. There is no need to type them, just click on the greeting and it will show to the other player as a popup.

Available Greeting Or List Of Greetings In Ludo King

There are the following greetings in ludo king.

Available Greetings In Ludo King

Available Greetings In Ludo King

  • Hi!
  • Hello!
  • Play fast!
  • Okay!
  • Lucky roll!
  • Unlucky!
  • Please add me as a buddy!
  • Catch me if you can!
  • I have to go bye!
  • I will let you win!
  • Like my picture?
  • Don’t kill my token!
  • You should give up!
  • I am going to win!
  • Dare you to play me again!
  • I am ludo king!
  • I need to go sorry!
  • Don’t run away!
  • Some urgent work bye!
  • Why did you hit me?
  • The game is not over yet!
  • You cannot beat me!
  • Bye-bye! !!
  • Hahahahaha! !!
  • Today is my day!
  • All the best!
  • Ludo King is awesome!
  • Oops! !!
  • OMG! ! !
  • LOL! !!
  • %&$#&%$#$

This is the list of greetings in ludo king. You can send any greetings according to your feelings and the game situation. You can also give them a short message by sending the greeting. These greetings save your time and you have did not have to type the greeting. let’s send greetings and win every match in ludo king.

How To Send A Greeting While Playing Match In Ludo King

How To Send Greetings In Ludo King

How To Send Greetings In Ludo King

If you want to want to send greetings in ludo king then follow the following steps.

  • Start to play any online match or with friends.
  • Click on the message icon on top of your profile picture.
  • The greetings list will open on your screen.
  • Just click on the greeting which you want to send to your opponent player.
  • Your sent greeting will show to your opponent player on-screen upper side of your profile picture.

This is the way to send greetings to your opponent players. This is also a short message to your opponent players.



Greetings are short messages to your opponent players. You can easily send these greetings according to the game situation and your wish when required just within two clicks. You can send them without typing. There is also an option to send customized greetings. So, send greetings according to the match situation and enjoy the game.

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