How Can I Earn Money From Ludo King?

There is no legal way to earn money from a ludo king but there are many illegal ways by which you can earn money from ludo king. Ludo king itself earns more than 20$ million every year. This is the Indian top-earning game.

Earn Money From Ludo King

You can earn money from ludo king just by selling the coins and gems. Selling the coins and gems is illegal by the ludo king. If any player is found in selling and purchasing of ludo king, then the player ID is banned by the ludo king. Ludo king earns 20$ Million annually from ludo king by selling coins, gems and offering many other items. So it is illegal to make deals and offers in ludo king with other players for purpose of earning. If you try to sell coins, then there are chances of blocking your account.

Ways To Earn Money From Ludo King

Ways to earn money in ludo king

Ways to earn money in ludo king

You can earn money from ludo king just only by making deals with other players in the form of selling coins and gems. It is a very difficult task to find a player and make him agree to purchase coins or gems from you. It is also a very risky task. Ludo king receives complaints from the players that some other players fraud them by making an offer to sell coins, after receiving the deal amount, didn’t transfer the coins in any way. Ludo king also receives complaints that some players take the coins and do not transfer the amount of the deal. The interesting factor is that ludo king blocks the account of all players.

How To Transfer, purchase, Or Sells The Coins And Gems In Ludo King

how to earn money by ludo king

how to earn money by ludo king

There is the only way that to transfer, sell or purchase the coins and gems by playing a match with another player. When the deal is done, then the players play a match in a private room of specific quantity coins bet and the coins selling person leave the match and coins are transferred in the account of other coins buying person account. This is the best way to transfer the coins into another player’s account without any illegal task.


How To Receive Money By Selling Coins In Ludo King

There is only one way that is an online way for receiving money from another player as a result of a deal. But it is much risky because there is always a risk of fraud. You can exchange the way of transferring money in the chatbox during playing a match. So, try to save them yourself from such tasks.


As it is illegal according to the developers, so we should avoid this. It is also very difficult to find a player for selling them coins. There is also many risk factor of fraud and deception. Players also didn’t transfer the coins or did not transfer the amount of the deal.

This is an illegal activity according to the ludo king rules. So, all should be avoided from such an unfair and illegal way of making money from the ludo king.

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