How To Win Against Computer In Ludo King

The easiest way to win against computer in ludo king is much easy. The pattern and algorithm of computer games play very simply and easily. It is easily predictable. It is also the best way to earn coins simply. A beginner can easily learn ludo king while playing against the computer.

Algorithm Or Pattern Of Ludo King In Computer Play Mode To Win Against Computer

Computer play mode in ludo king follows the following steps.

  • Computer play mode first of all opens the first token.
  • Then move the first token till reaching home.
  • Computer play mode did not remain to keep the token on the safe place star.
  • In this autoplay mode, the computer mode intends to take all the tokens from the base to the home for winning purposes.
  • Computer mode always keeps running the most traveled token.
  • In this mode, the computer prefers the moving most traveled token instead of killing the token.
  • If there is an option between killing the opponent token with a computer less traveled token and moving the most traveled token then the computer moves the most traveled token instead of killing the opponent player token.

Advantage And Disadvantage Of Playing Vs Computer

The computer play mode has advantages and disadvantages. The best tips and tricks for playing ludo king against computers are discussed here in detail.

Easily Win in Ludo King

Easily Win in Ludo King

Advantages Of Computer Play Mode

The advantages of playing match versus computer are:

  • The move of computer play mode can easily be guessed.
  • Computer play mode always follows a specific pattern and algorithm.
  • Easily win in this mode.
  • You can learn the ludo king perfectly through this mode.
  • Collect as many coins as you can because you win versus a computer without any difficulty.
  • In this mode, you also win by playing with autoplay mode.
  • This is the best gameplay mode for beginners.
  • You can also increase your rank and winning match’s ratios through this mode.


These are the advantages of playing versus computer because we increase our winning ratio and collect coins in a good quantity to play bet games with family and friends.

Disadvantages Of Computer Play Mode

The disadvantages of playing match versus computer are:

  • The pattern and algorithm of this mode are predictable.
  • The computer moves you can easily guess.
  • You can defeat easily the computer.
  • There is no interest and charm in computer play mode because the moves of the computer are guessed with ease.
  • Sometimes it feels boring and time-wasting play versus computer.
  • Another drawback is that you win only just 500 coins bet and it takes time to collect enough coins.


Conclusion That How To Win Against Computer

In computer play mode, the pattern is predictable. For beginner players to play matches versus computers and learn the ludo king. It is also an easy way to win and collect coins against computers. So, let’s play versus computer and learn, win, and collect coins to play bet with buddies.

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