Is Ludo King banned In India?

The answer to this question is no. India will never ban the ludo king because it is Indian most played and most earning app. It is also the single app that is included in the Google play store tops app. Ludo King is developed by the gametion technology private limited in Mumbai, India by Vikash Jaiswal on 17 December 2016. Most of its users are from India out of 75M users.

Why did People ask Ludo King Is Banned In India?

After the conflict between China and India in the Ladakh, India banned the 118 apps of China in India. The list of those applications which are banned in India have included the two ludo games which are

  • Ludo All Star
  • Ludo World

Due to these two famous ludo applications, people were confused that ludo king is banned in India. So, they start searching that is ludo king banned in India?

The reasons for banning these two ludo apps and other 116 Chinese apps are

reason to ban ludo apps

reason to ban ludo apps

  • Confliction at Ladakh between India and China and killing of some Indian soldiers
  • These are against Indian sovereignty
  • Against the Indian integrity
  • Security reasons
  • Opposing the Indian defense terms
  • Creates public disorder
  • Develop harmony and restlessness in Indian public
  • Doing anti-country activities
  • Involves in prejudicial activates


Why Ludo King Cannot Be Banned In India?

The following list of facts about the ludo king shows that the ludo king can never be banned in India.

  • Ludo King is the top board game played in India.
  • It is developed by the Indian owner.
  • It is developed in India.
  • Indian govt earns enough revenue this game.
  • It is played in 30+ countries.
  • It is available in 15+ languages.
  • It wins the 2018 best casual game award.
  • According to MidDay, it is the top played game in India.
  • It got the ET award in 2020.
  • It includes the top 21 games on the Google play store chart.
  • It is 2nd popular game among children in India.
  • The most Amazing Factor is that the Indian Prime Minister “Narendra Modi” appreciated this game in a radio program “Man Ki Baat”.
  • This game also has its thematic song by Mika Singh in 2018.
  • It also released a patriotic song for India on 8 August 2020 by Meet Brothers titled Hindustan.
  • It is played by Indian cricketers and Indian actors.
  • It has 75 million users.
  • The mostly Indian plays this game than any other game in India.
  • It is the first Indian game that has 100M+ downloads.
  • It has 132M, active users.
  • It has 6M+ reviews.
  • In the time of the corona pandemic, this game has to increase its servers to facilitate the users.
  • It is still the most played game in India.

These are the facts that show that the ludo king can never be banned in India by the Indian Government.

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