Ludo King Algorithm

The Ludo king algorithm is not easy to guess nor ludo king did follow any specific algorithm or any pattern. Some players who said that the ludo king dice can be hacked or other features can be hacked are wrong. Basically, ludo king dice followed the random pattern or algorithm. But some time patterns can be predicted differently.

ludo king hacking

ludo king hacking

Predictable Algorithm Of Ludo King

Ludo king algorithm cannot be hacked but it can be predicted by the experience. The predictions about the algorithm are as follows.

predictable algorithm of ludo king

predictable algorithm of ludo king

  • There are chances to get six when you cross the opponent player’s base.
  • It is also predicted that the ludo king game is biased to those players who have more coins and gems than the opponent players. It has been seen that low coins players mostly lose and high coins players mostly win.
  • There is another fault in the algorithm that when you last token and you need just one to go to your home and to win then you did not get number one.
  • When you got two sixes and going to roll the dice for the third time whereas you have more numbers then you get six and all your numbers are wasted.
  • When your last token is near your home, you got higher numbers.
  • The most difficult number in the game is number 7.
  • You delay the rolling dice times then you get your needed and required numbers.
  • When you all four tokens in your base, you did not get six to open them.
  • Your token is near to your home and not in a safe place then your opponent players get the exact that number to kill your token.

Other Tricks

  • Some due to server error, you missed your turn as your turn is played by autoplay mode.
  • It is also an interesting factor that if you are losing then power off your internet connection then you will save your bet coins.
  • Some players predicted that the game algorithm is biased to the female players. I don’t know its reality but this is also an experience of players.
  • The ludo king game also biased the high-level players as compared to the low-level players.
  • Six comes once in 6 to 7 rolling the dice. This is also a predictable move of ludo king dice.
  • When you are inside of your opponent player then you did not get the numbers to keep your token in a safe place.
  • When you are mostly near to winning, your opponent gets exact numbers to your most traveled tokens.
  • In starting, you did not get the six early if you roll the dice fast.


Conclusion Of Ludo King Algorithm

From all the above points and discussion, it is clear that ludo king did not have any specific algorithm or pattern but it has predictable moves of the rolling dice numbers. The predictable and guessed rolling dice numbers are described and mentioned. So keep in mind all these points to win every game in ludo king.

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