Ludo King Auto Play Strategy 2022

Ludo King auto play strategy is a special feature: if you are busy or have some urgent task for a few minutes, you can on the autoplay feature. This feature helps you in continuing your match in ludo king while working. If you did not roll the dice then this feature automatically starts its work.

Working Of Ludo King Auto Play Feature

This feature auto switched on when you did not roll the dice in the given time. The dice roll automatically. This auto feature works in a very simple way. It runs your more distanced token from your home. If it kills then it runs the other token which has more distance traveled than others tokens.

There is no artificial intelligence or smart features for auto working, instead of this, it works on a simple algorithm. The algorithm or pattern of the auto feature is understandable. So, this feature is not much successful. It is used to irritate the other players or waste the time of others.

Some players use this auto feature as a trick to winning the coins because everyone wants to save time and play fast. When a player switched on the autoplay, another player has to wait, because the auto plays roll dice has a few seconds (3 Seconds) to roll the dice and then run the token. This time irritates the other players so they leave the match and the first player wins the coins.

Not Logical Pattern or Algorithm

ludo king logarithm

ludo king logarithm

When the auto-play feature is on, the game is run according to the simple pattern that can easily be guessed and you can judge the gameplay even the run of every token. So, no such interest remains in the game for other players when someone switched on the auto-play feature. Ludo king becomes interesting when others players play with logic and intelligence.

As such, there is no specific pattern for ludo king but the autoplay feature has a guessable pattern. When we talk generally then ludo king does not have the specific algorithm or any pattern. So, the players lose interest and did not want to play in this computer model. The interesting factor is that the less played mode of ludo king is the autoplay mode or we can say that the computer play mode.


Conclusion Of Auto Play Strategy

Ludo King Auto Play Strategy

Ludo King Auto Play Strategy

The research shows that the auto-play feature in ludo king irritates the players because it takes time to roll the dice and then run the tokens. It also has guessable turns and gameplay. So, the players did not want to play in this mode or versus computer. One thing is also observed that players want to play the game with a person who plays logically and has unpredictable gameplay. In general, the ludo king does not have any specific pattern and algorithm but the computer play mode or autoplay feature is easily understandable.


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