Ludo King Dice Tips And Tricks 2022

There is no pure algorithm or pattern of rolling dice in ludo king but there are dice tips and tricks for you. The dice cannot be hacked or cheated. The rolling dice numbers cannot be guessed or judged. The players who said that we hacked the ludo king dice and get the six on dice on every turn are liars. They are just cheating you and making you a fool because there is no truth in their words. The ludo king dice has a random algorithm for dice numbers. No one can get the required numbers on dice with any fault way but by the luck. You can only get the required numbers by luck or just by your strategy.

Here are the tips and tricks by which you can get the required numbers on dice.

Tips And Tricks To Get Required Numbers On Dice In Ludo King

These are the following tips and tricks to get the required numbers on rolling dice.

ludo king dice tips

ludo king dice tips

Keep Variation In Rolling The Dice Tips And Tricks

While rolling the dice you should keep the variation in the rolling time of dice. In this way, you get the higher numbers and the numbers you required in the game. This trick works very efficiently.

When Required Specific Number Then Roll The Dice At Ending Time

When you needed specific numbers in the game for killing opponents’ tokens, keep the token in a safe place star or go to the home or numbers required for winning the game then roll the dice at the ending time of your turn. In this way mostly you will get the needed numbers on the dice. This trick is the experience of many years old players.

Try To Make More And More Turns

You can roll your dice more than once a time in one turn when

ludo king dice tricks

ludo king dice tricks

When You Kill The Opponent Token

You kill your opponent player’s token, you get a chance to roll the dice one again in the same turn.

Get Six On Dice

When you get six on dice then you got a chance again to roll the dice.

Token Got Home

When you token go to your home after completing the round trip of ludo board then you also get a chance to roll the dice again in the same turn.

These are the best tricks to take more and more rolling dice chances in one turn and get the needed numbers that you required. Try to follow these tricks to win every game in ludo king.


Conclusion For Dice Tips And Tricks

There no hacks and cheats in ludo king. It is also clear that the ludo king dice does not have any specific algorithm or pattern. it follows the random pattern and algorithm. So, there are some tips and tricks by which following you can get the required numbers on dice. These tips and tricks work accurately and 100%. These dice tips and tricks are experiences of many years of ludo king players. Try them out and win every match in ludo king.


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