Ludo King Guides To Win Every Game

Guides are those tips and tricks which take you to win every game in ludo king. If you followed these guides then get ready to feel the pleasure of winning each match. These guides make you the perfect player of this game. Let’s start to explore these guides.

Ludo King Guides

Guides To Save Tokens

To save your tokens, play safe according to your strategy. Keep your token on the stars which are called safe places. Escape away from opponent base and tokens when you get high numbers on the dice. When you are near to your home then just go from star to star. Keep your tokens away from other player tokens and base.

Guides To Kill Opponent Tokens

Kill the other players token in starting and where it is necessary. If you are losing the game then shift your intention from playing safe to killing the opponent’s tokens. Take the risk to kill the tokens of other players. When you are near to win the game, then play safe instead of killing the opponent’s tokens.

Guides About Tokens

Try to open all tokens at the start and also move them all around the board. Avoid grouping of tokens in the same place.


Guides About Rolling The Dice

Keep variation in time of rolling the dice. This will gives you different numbers on the dice. You can also get specific required numbers by rolling the dice in 1/4 time of the rolling dice time.

Follow these guides to show your grip and winning every game to your friends and family.


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