Ludo King Is A Chinese App?

Many searches recorded on Google that many people asking about that is ludo king is a Chinese app? The answer to this question is no. Ludo king lovers search this query because when India banned 118 Chinese applications, two apps were ludo apps. The exact names of these two apps are Ludo All-Star and Ludo World. So players of ludo king were confused and start searching that if ludo king was banned in India and also if ludo king is a Chinese app.

Chinese Apps Banned In India

Chinese Apps Banned In India

Why Players Of Ludo King Search That Is Ludo King Is A Chinese App?

After the conflict between India and China in Ladakh, India banned 100+ Chinese app in India. India banned two times the Chinese apps in India after the conflict at Ladakh and Tibet. Twenty-plus soldiers of India were killed in these conflicts. So, the Indian ministry banned the Chinese apps in India in this response.

As India has a 1.366 Billion population according to Google in 2019, the most playing game in India is ludo. So, people start searching about their beloved game ludo king is banned in India? And is the ludo king is a Chinese app?

According to the statistic website, 100 Million plus people play the different ludo games in India and according to the official website of ludo king, 75 million-plus players of ludo king are in India.

Due to the banning of two ludo apps in India, players of ludo king think that ludo king is a Chinese app.

Reasons Of Banning Ludo All Start And Ludo World In India

Why Chinese Apps Banned In India

Why Chinese Apps Banned In India

India banned the 118 Chinese app in India including the ludo all-star and the ludo world due to the following reasons:

  • Due to security measures because Indian security agencies think that these apps are threats to Indian security.
  • These apps are working against the Indian defense and freedom.
  • Apps are removing patriotism from the Indian public.
  • Above mentioned apps are earning handsome revenue from India.
  • Involves in prejudicial activates.
  • Creates harmony and disorder in the Indian public.

These are the reasons that the Indian ministry banned 118 Chinese apps in India.



Ludo king is not a Chinese app. This question has a clear answer in the above discussion. So, let’s install the ludo king and enjoy it by playing with friends, family, and buddies to win every game.

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