Ludo King Is A Game Of Luck

“Ludo king is a game of luck”. This quotation is an experience of almost all players who play ludo king as more as they can play and are well expert in this game. So they agreed with this sentence by his experience. Because while playing ludo king, the rolling the dice number play important role in your winning and loss ratio. They have the concept that luck plays more role than strategy so they believe in luck.

But some extraordinary players contradict this quotation because they think that this game is based on your strategy and the way of gameplay to win the match. They believed that strategy plays more role in winning than luck. In this article, we will see the conclusion that ludo king is the game of luck or the game of strategy. You will see strategy or luck, which is more important in winning.

Is Ludo King Is A Game Of Luck

Game Of Luck

Game Of Luck

We can say that the ludo king is a game of luck because if a player gets the required numbers on dice. He kills the opponent player’s tokens, goes safe by safe on stars, opens the tokens when required, and gets the own wish required number then we can say it is the game of luck.

Whereas another player cannot get the required numbers on dice, not get the numbers on dice for go to safe places, not get the six to open the token and not get the own required numbers as needed then he will also it is a game of luck but as bad luck. If you play a wrong movement then taking again right and needed numbers save you from losing.


Strategy In Ludo King

strategy in ludo king

strategy in ludo king

The experienced players in ludo king have a ratio of winning matches more than the inexperienced players. They think that a player who plays with more strategy, will win the match, on the other hand, a player who plays the match without any strategy will lose the match. This shows the importance of gameplay in strategy in ludo king. Strategy plays an important role in the match because a wrong movement of the token will lead you to lose the match. Similarly, the right movement of token leads you to win the match. Therefore, most players say that it is a game of strategy.


We can conclude that ludo king is the game of strategy as well as luck. We cannot say that it is only a game of luck or only a game of strategy. Sometimes luck plays more role than strategy and sometimes strategy plays more role than luck. For example, you have to retain just only one token and you need just one number to win the match. In this situation, your strategy is failed because there is no need for strategy. There is a need for luck to get one in the next turn to win the match. Your rolling dice numbers are based on your luck and moving of your tokens based on your strategy.

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