Ludo King Is A Rigid Game

Some players say that ludo king is a rigid game because they think so that sometimes you are stuck in the match and did not get the required or specific numbers till losing the game. Every player has their own experience of playing and learning. Some players are against this thinking because they didn’t consider the ludo king a rigid game.

In ludo king, the term rigid means that when you needed a specific number to win or open the token and you did not get it till losing the match. For example, you have your last token and you needed just one number to win the match and opponent players have remaining more than two or three tokens, you did not get number one while opponent players won the match. Another example of rigidity is that you did not get six numbers to open the token while the opponent player won the game while you did not openable to open your tokens.

Is Ludo King Is Really A Rigid Game?

remove ludo king rigidity

remove ludo king rigidity

No, ludo king is not a really rigid game because the dice of ludo king follow the random pattern or algorithm when you roll the dice. If you did not have the specific or required numbers then it does not mean that it is rigid. Most players did not think so that it is rigid. There are very rare chances that it became rigid. I think that it is not rigidity but it is your luck. So the term rigidity is not true for the game ludo king.

How To Remove Rigidity In Ludo King?

tips to remove ludo king rigidity

tips to remove ludo king rigidity

If rigidity occurs while playing a match in ludo king when you did not get the specific numbers then you should follow the following steps.

  • You should keep variation in rolling the dice to eliminate the rigidity of dice.
  • Roll the dice at the ending time to get the specific numbers.
  • Switched on the auto roll dice mode to remove the rigidity of the dice.
  • If the auto roll dice mode is turn on then makes it switched off, this trick also works.
  • Try to get more and more chances to roll the dice in one turn.
  • Roll the dice in the first second if rigidity occurs.

These are the rolling dice tricks to off the rigidity of dice in the ludo king game. Follow one by one these tips. Any one of them will work and you will win the match.



First thing is that the ludo king is not a rigid game; it is due to its random algorithm. So don’t think so that it is rigid.

It is right that sometimes rigidity occurs in ludo king but it is not all the time that remains in the match. Through the above-described tips, the rigidity of the ludo king game can easily be eliminated. From all these tips, one of them will work and you will win the match easily.

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