Ludo King Mod Apk Latest (Updated) Version 2022

Here you can get a 100% working ludo king mod apk new version for android, ios and laptops/desktops. This Ludo king mod apk latest and updated version are best for you if you are in search of more money, unlimited gems, infinite coins, a daily bonus, and unlimited assets.

Mod Apk Ludo

Mod Apk Ludo

Ludo King MOD APK Wiki/Facts

Game Name: Ludo King
About this Apk/App: Ludo King is a Board game played between family and friends.
Game Type: Board Game
Offered By: Gametion Technologies Pvt Ltd
Developer Name: Mr Vikash Jaiswal
Developing: engine game (Unity)
Address: Mumbai, India
Released on: 17 Dec 2016
Download Size: 54.76 MB
Downloads: 650M+
Reviews: 6M+
Developer Contact: Click Here
Ludo King Support: Click Here
Recent Updated: 29 Jan 2022
In-app purchase Rs 110-39400 per item
Played In: 30 Countries
Language 15
Based On: Pachisi game
Rated for: 3+
Contains Ads: Yes
Link of Facebook: Click Here
Link of Twitter: Click Here
YouTube Link: Click Here
Link of Instagram: Click Here
Website: Click Here
Game Themes: 9
Offline Mode: Available
Online Mode: Available
Quick Mode: Available
Auto Mode: Available
Voice  Chat: Available
Supported Versions: Android, Windows, Desktop, IOS
Invite Friends Option: Available for Facebook, Whatsapp, etc
User Friendly: Yes
Low-end Devices: Supported
Token Colors: Red, Blue, Green, Yellow
Undo Dice Number Time: 1.4 Seconds
Mini Entry Coins in Game (Online Mode): 500 Coins
Max Entry Coins in Game (online Mode): 1,000,000 Coins
Mini Winning Coins (online Mode): 950 Coins
Max Winning Coins (online Mode): 1,900,000 Coins
Mini Entry Coins in Game (Play with Friends): 1000 Coins
Max Entry Coins in Game (Play with Friends): 100,000 Coins
Winning Coins (Offline Mode): 250 Coins
Multiplayer Capacity: 2 to 6
Private Game Room: Available
Emojis Reaction: Available
E Greetings: Available
Mostly Playing By Age: 18 -35 Years
Average Time of Player: 45 Minutes
Daily Active Users: 32 Million
Monthly Active Users: 142 Million
Uniqueness: Topped Google Play Download Chart in 2017
Worth: First Indian game which 100M+ downloads
Most Traffic time: 14:00 – 16:00 & 19:00 – 23:00
Mostly Audience: India, 75 million
Revenue Recorded: 20 Million $
Which Celebrities played Ludo King: Indian Actor Shah Rukh Khan, Anushka Sharma, Director Aanand L. Rai during the shooting of the movie ZERO

Cricketer Virat Kholi with his wife Anushka Sharma in 2020 lockdown

Urvashi Rautela

Ludo King e-sport Event: Jan 2018
Ludo King Title Song: Mika Singh on 23 Oct 2018
Patriotic Song Released By Ludo King: 8 Aug 2020 titled HINDUSTAN by MEET BROS
Achievement: Appreciation by Indian PM Mr N Modi in radio program ”Man ki Bat”
Awards: Mobile & Tablet Game

Best Casual Game of 2018

Top 3 downloaded games in India in 2018

At 3rd position in Hindustan (2018)

MidDay announced top game (Baharat)

ET Startup Award 2020

21 apps for 2021

Include in the first ten Hindustan games

At the second position in Children of Bharat


Ludo King Mod Apk Download Latest Version

If you are searching for the updated and latest version of ludo king mod apk 2022 then you are in right place. This place will fulfill all your dreams and expectations about ludo king apk mod 2022. Here is the moded apk link for you from where you can download the latest and updated 2022 version of mod apk ludo king. It works 100 % and perfectly.

To download Mod Apk Ludo King, Plz click below.


It consists of more functions than the ordinary version available on the Google play store. By downloading the ludo king modded apk 2022 updated version; you will be able to show 100% success in every match against your family, friends, competitor, and colleagues.

You can also get the top position in the award board on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis by this updated and latest version. Another benefit of downloading this mod apk game is that all new themes are added and also unlocked.

You can enjoy all the event themes according to your mode. It’s time to challenge your social media friends on Facebook and show them your powers, intelligence, and IQ level by winning every game. You can make them wonder by getting six every time and having unlimited coins.

This magical and awesome moded apk version gives you unlimited sixes, unlimited coins, unlimited gems, unlimited money, and all options are unlocked as well as all themes are also unlocked for you. See the magic of this updated and latest version 2022 of ludo king apk moded by clicking on our given link.

Mod Apk Unlimited Money Download Ludo King

Ludo King Mod Apk Unlimited Moeny

Ludo King Mod Apk Unlimited Money

Money is the key factor in playing the mod apk version. By getting the money you can get more coins, more gems and unlocked all the themes. There are traditional and classic ways in ludo king by seeing the videos, ads, daily bonuses, and spinning the wheel to get coins, gems and money. But they all are boring and limited ways to get gems, coins, and money. Money is required for challenging your friend, entering in-game, and playing every game. Money is also required for removing ads from the game. As the ads irritate every player during playing the game so money is used for removing ads from the game.

Different deals for removing ads are following:

  • Remove ads in Rs 301
  • Ads Remove + 10,000 coins in Rs 420
  • Remove ads + 50,000 coins in Rs 550
  • Ads Remove + 100,000 coins + 125 gems in Rs 620

The best seller deal is deal 4.

This shows the importance of money in playing ludo king. So here is the ludo king modded apk 2022 updated version which provides you unlimited money.

Ludo King Unlimited Six Mod Apk

Mod Apk Six Unlimited

Mod Apk Six Unlimited

Unlimited sixes and more sixes are the first and most important points to win every game. If you get more sixes it means you have more and more turns and you will reach your destination faster than other players. By getting more sixes you can also strike off the opponent tokens into their homes and cover the game boxes in fewer turns and time. People are always wishing to get unlimited and infinite sixes to win the game.

This apk mod ludo king 2022 gives unlimited and infinite as well as more and more sixes to win every game. It’s time to show your family and friends to show them your gorgeous victory in every ordinary and challenged match. Let’s start to make them surprised by winning the challenging match. Download this surprised ludo king mod apk 2022 by the given link.

Ludo King Mod Apk All Themes Unlocked

There are different themes in the ludo king mod apk. These are

  • Nature
  • Egypt
  • Disco / Night mode
  • Pinball
  • Candy
  • Christmas
  • Penguin
  • Battle
  • Diwali
Apk Mods All Themes

Apk Mods All Themes

We have to spend money, coins, or gems to unlock different themes of the game. But our provided link gives all themes unlocked free of cost.

Always Win Ludo King Mod Apk

It is not possible to win always in any version of ludo king mod apk. Mostly it depends on your strategy, logic, dice numbers, and luck. But we are providing you the link that will increase your game-winning chance from minimum to maximum extent. All the provided links for always winning will not work 100% perfectly. All the ludo king mod apk links provided on different sites for winning every game are fake. This link will help you in winning every game by getting more sixes, more ones, and more twos. By getting more and more runs you will win every game by using your logic and strategy.

Ludo King Apk Tips & Tricks, Guides, Secrets, And Cheats

Mod Apk Ludo King

Mod Apk Ludo King

Explore a list of tips, cheats, and guides to win every game.

Brief detailed tips and tricks, and guides are given below:

  • Collect All Of The Free Coins That You Can Get Daily
  • Playing For Fun? Play Small
  • Spread Your Pieces Throughout The Board
  • Open All Your Pieces
  • Change The Game, Now And Then
  • Move All Pieces
  • Kill The Opponent As Soon As Possible
  • Block Your Opponent
  • Avoid Taking Risks
  • Play Safe.
  • Change Playing Strategy Every Time
  • Don’t Play Haphazardly
  • Don’t Run Only A Single Piece All The Time
  • Try To Change The Timings Of The Throw Dice
  • Decide Your Game Play
  • Move More Than 1 Piece From Start 
  • No Sympathy For Enemies
  • Avoid Grouping
  • When You Want A Specific Number (Auto Roll Dice)
  • Move Your Pieces Strategically 
  • When You Lose
  • If Defeat Is Inevitable 
  • Always Think Ahead Of Your Opponents
  • Play The Waiting Game
  • Use Caution And Strategic Thinking For Rolling Rules
  • Patience Is Everything
  • Leave Stars Cautiously
  • Kill One Of Many Opponents
  • Decrease The Probability Of Yourself Getting Killed
  • Take Decision Time
  • Try To Limit Your Opponent To One Piece
  • Even Places
  • Do Not Stick All Your Pieces At One Point
  • Take Calculated Risks.
  • Unnecessary Risk Is Foolishness
  • Be Confident
  • Take Your Time To Think
  • Escaping Far
  • At Your Second Last Or Last Star
  • Do Not Make Silly Mistakes
  • Kill Them At All Costs (If No Loss Or Benefit)
  • If Losing Is Inevitable Shift Your Focus On Killing
  • Move Logically
  • Hunt For Starts
  • All In The Practice
  • Use Safe Place
  • Choice Booster
  • Random Booster
  • Don’t Be Rigid
  • Be Flexible
  • Choice Between Victory And Killing
  • No Useful Dice Numbers
  • Best Trick
  • Sometimes Take Risk
  • The Ruby Trick

You can win every match by taking guidance and using the above-written tricks. These are the golden rules for you to glorious victory. The details are available at the following link.

To download Ludo King Mod Apk, Plz click below.

Ludo King Mod Apk File

Mod Apk Unlimited Gem In Ludo King 

Gems are more important in ludo king 2022 apk moded because they help unlock the new themes and new games. They are more expensive than coins. A large amount of money is required to get the gems. Gems are used in opening new themes and new games as well as saving your chances.

Unlimited Gems In Ludo

Unlimited Gems In Ludo

Dice numbers can be changed within a few seconds by using gems. In this way, gems play important role in changing the result of your game and taking you to victory point. Getting your required numbers on dice by changing the dice number using gems increase your winning chances in the game.

It is concluded that gems are more important than coins to win every game. We are providing you the mod apk link where you can get unlimited gems to win every challenging match. Download this updated version 2022 ludo king modded apk to get infinite gems.

Ludo King Unlimited Coins Mod Apk

Coins are compulsory to play every game with a friend, play online, and for playing offline mode. Without coins, you cannot join any match within the online, offline mode, and with friends even versus a computer.

Bundle of Coins

Bundle of Coins

The detail of coins for playing matches are as under:

Play online mode Coins Requirement
Game No Entry Win
1 500 950
2 1000 1900
3 5,000 9500
4 10,000 19,000
5 50,000 95,000
6 100,000 190,000
7 500,000 950,000
8 1,000,000 1,900,000


Play with Friends Mode Coins Requirement
Match No Coins Require
1 1000
2 5000
3 10,000
4 50,000
5 100,000


Ludo king’s classical version gives you limited coins free by default. The details of free coins are

  • Default 5250 coins
  • One time offer 10,000 coins and 50 gems Rs 110
  • First video ads: 200 coins
  • 2nd video ads: 250 coins
  • 3rd video ads: 300 coins
  • 4th video ads: 350 coins
  • Deals first time: 500 coins on one ad
  • 2nd Deal: 10,000 coins for Rs 150
  • 3rd Deal: 10,000 free but after purchasing 2nd Deal
  • Spin wheel
  • after every 4 hours: 300 coins
  • Then two ads: 350 coins 2 times

This is the detail for getting coins by freeways. The same incentive you get logging in with Facebook.

But this latest and updated version of ludo king modded apk 2022 gives you unlimited and infinite coins. To get unlimited coins to download this updated version by our given link.

Unlimited Gems DownloadMod Apk Ludo King

This mod apk version of ludo king 2022 provides you unlimited gems for unlocking themes and playing games. Coins are less expensive as they are compared to gems. In 2022 ludo king moded apk the gems have more worth than coins.

During playing the game when you roll your dice on your turn, the number appears from 1 to 6 on dice, you can change the appeared number on dice within 1.4 seconds using gems. It means gems play a key role in winning the game and obtaining our required number for winning the match.

This moded version of ludo king apk 2022 gives you unlimited gems download for winning every match and getting the dice number according to your game requirement.

 Mod Apk Unlimited Gems And Six In Ludo King

The updated version of mode apk ludo king 2022 contains infinite and unlimited gems and sixes for you. Download this latest moded version of Ludo King for getting top position on the scoreboard and winning every match. Click on the given link.

 Unlimited Assets Ludo King Mod Apk

Assets are necessary to play any match, to win any match, and to get top position on the ranking board on a yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

This ludo king apk moded latest and updated version give you 100% working and perfect working. This asset is provided to you by giving you infinite coins, countless gems, uncountable money, and more daily bonus. The asset is also provided by unlocking all the themes.

Ou provided ludo king apk mode updated to version 2022 gives you the perfect and 100% working by giving you infinite assets.

Ads Free Ludo King Mod Apk

Apk Ludo Ads Free

Apk Ludo Ads Free

The most irritating thing in the ludo king game ever is ads. They started when you are going to start playing a match and in between match ads started. The ads remain for 30 seconds and sometimes more than it. The official version of ludo king removes ads by using money.

Money is also required for removing ads from the game. As the ads irritate every player during playing the game so money is used for removing ads from the game.

Different deals for removing ads are following:

  • Remove ads in Rs 301
  • Ads Remove + 10,000 coins in Rs 420
  • Remove ads + 50,000 coins in Rs 550
  • Ads Remove + 100,000 coins + 125 gems in Rs 620

Deal number four is the best seller ever.

This shows the importance of money in playing ludo king moded version apk 2022. So you can get the updated version by our given link for the ads-free ludo king game.

Apk Mod Ludo King Additional Snake And Ladder Game

This ludo king apk mode 2022 update version provides you additional snake and ladder game with all themes unlocked. You can show your success to your family and friends by playing with them on different themes of snake and ladder.

This version also includes more sixes to win against your competitor and challenger. A large number of coins, money, and gems are required for unlocking all the themes of the snake and ladder game.

Ludo Snake and Ladder

Ludo Snake and Ladder

But our mode apk link gives you all the themes unlocked as well as more sixes to win every match versus computer and your friends.

This snake and ladder game does not depend on your logic and strategy but it depends on the dice numbers which you roll on your turn. So to win every game by getting more and more sixes click on our provided link to win all the time.

Mod Apk Ludo King  Daily Unlimited Bonus

Coins are a basic need to play every match with a friend and play online. Without coins, you cannot join any match with friends and in online mode.

Daily Bonus In Ludo

Daily Bonus In Ludo

The details of coins for the daily bonus are as under:

Daily Bonus
Day Bonus (coins more than)
First 250
Second 500
Third 600
Fourth 700
Fifth 800
Sixth 900
Seventh 1000

Note: You can double up bonus coins by seeing video ads.

Our provided page mode ludo king 2022 latest version gives you an unlimited and infinite daily bonus for playing with your family and buddies. It’s 100 % working and gives the max output as compared to others.

To download Mod Apk Ludo King, Plz click below.



This provided link of ludo king modes apk 2022 updated and latest version gives you 100% working of the following list

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Infinite Gems
  • Unlimited Money
  • Daily Bonus
  • Unlocked All Themes
  • More Six

We also provide you wonderful and magical:

  • Trips
  • Tricks
  • Strategies
  • Secrets
  • Cheats
  • Guides
  • The assistance of every issue in ludo king mod apk 2022

Just download the Ludo king mod apk 2022 updated version from our provided link and starts to show you gorgeous and fabulous success to your friend and family also get the top position in daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly ranking of ludo king.

The suggestions, opinions, and sharing of ideas from your side will highly be prioritized. Feel free to contact us.