Ludo King Mod Apk 2022 Version Unlimited Coins

Everyone wishes to get unlimited coins. The basic condition for playing every match in modes of ludo king is coins. You have to pay coins for every match to play in both offline and online modes even versus friends, family, and computers. The minimum number of coins required to play matches is 500 and the maximum number of coins required to play a match is 1,000,000 Coins.

Unlimited Coins

Unlimited Coins

unlimited Coins gains In Ludo King Mod Apk

Online Mode:

  • Game No 1: Entry Coins: 500 Winning Coins: 950
  • Game No 2: Entry Coins: 1000 Winning Coins: 1900
  • Game No 3: Entry Coins: 5,000 Winning Coins: 9500
  • Game No 4: Entry Coins: 10,000 Winning Coins: 19,000
  • Game No 5: Entry Coins: 50,000 Winning Coins: 95,000
  • Game No 6: Entry Coins: 100,000 Winning Coins: 190,000
  • Game No 7: Entry Coins: 500,000 Winning Coins: 950,000
  • Game No 8: Entry Coins: 1,000,000 Winning Coins: 1,900,000

Offline Mode:

  • Match No 1, Coins Required: 1000
  • Match No 2, Coins Required:5,000
  • Match No 3, Coins Required: 10,000
  • Match No 4, Coins Required: 50,000
  • Match No 5, Coins Required: 100,000

Best Ways To Earn Unlimited Coins

Coins In Ludo King

Coins In Ludo King

Ludo king’s classical version gives you limited coins free by default. The details of the free coins are

Best Ways to Earn Coins
Coins Way to Earn
5250 By Default
One time offer 10,000 coins and 50 gems Rs 110
200 coins Video ads
250 coins Video ads
300 coins Video ads
350 coins Video ads
500 coins Video ads
10,000 coins Rs 150
10,000 coins after purchasing 2nd Deal
Spin wheel
300 coins after every 4 hours
350 coins Video ads, 2 times


This is the detail for getting coins by free best ways. The same incentive you get logging in with Facebook.


Updated Mod Apk Version Of Ludo King To Get Unlimited Coins

But this latest and updated version of ludo king modded apk 2022 gives you unlimited and infinite coins. To get unlimited coins download this updated version by our given link.

Download Mod Apk Version From Here for Unlimited Coins


Updated Version 2022 Apk Mod

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