Ludo King Secrets And Cheats 2021

Ludo King has different types of secrets. These secrets plays important role in playing and winning the match. If you know about these secrets then you can win easily every game. These secrets are not available in any other place but this site giving you everything about ludo king.

Ludo King Secrets & Cheats

Secret To Save The Coins

When you are going to losing a game, then turn off the data connection without leaving the game. This secret will save your coins which you use as a bet in the match. This secret works 100% and perfectly. Try this while you are losing the match and save all the coins which you are going to losing.


When You Require Specific Number On Dice

When you require specific numbers on dice to kill the opponent token and go home then try to delay in rolling the dice. Roll the dice on 1/4 time of rolling the dice time. This secret gives you the best way to kill the other token and the specific number which you require to save your token on a star, go home. This works always as much as you use it. Try this secret to make surprise your buddies, family, and friends.

These are the hidden secrets of ludo king. Use these secrets to win every game and getting a position on the award board.

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