Ludo King Strategies According To Game Situation

Ludo King Strategies

There are different ludo king strategies to win every game in ludo king. These tactics depend on your logic and smartness. Here are different strategies for you to win every match.

Ludo King Strategies

Ludo King Strategies For Starting Of The Game

First of all decide your gameplay which may be defensive, safe play, or striking. Keeps flexibility in your plan according to t the situation of the match because, in all games of ludo king, it all depends on the numbers you got on dice. When you started the game then open your all tokens first then spread them on all the boards.

Strategies During The Game

During the match, you should focus on your tokens and also on the opponent player’s tokens. Play with open eyes and be attentive. Before playing the number of your turn, see your all tokens. Remember the numbers which required keeping your token on the star places and also the numbers needed to strike off the other player token. This remembering trick makes you a better player than others and you didn’t make foolish and silly mistakes.


Strategies For Ending The Game

The end of the match is the point where you have to need to change the strategy for winning the match. If you are losing the match then focus on killing the opponent’s tokens. Don’t play safe if the match situation is against you. Take risk as much as you can.

If you are winning the match then just play safe. Place your tokens in a safe place on stars. If you get higher numbers on dice then escape away from the opponent base and tokens. Don’t kill the opponent’s token if you have the option between safe your token and killing. Don’t take unnecessary risks.

Last Trick

If there is no hope remaining in the game, don’t exit the game or leave the game. Just turn off your data connection. In this way, your coins of the bet will save for you. This trick works 100%.

Conclusion For Ludo King Strategies

Ludo King strategies are the best to win every match.


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