Ludo King Tutorial Or Demo

Ludo king gives a tutorial or demo to the new players to learn the ludo king. Where did you learn about that how to open the token? how to play the rolling dice numbers? which are safe places in the game? how to kill the token of other players? and how to win the game? All these things you learn with demo and play.

Ludo King Tutorial Step By Step

How To Play Ludo king Tutorial

How To Play Ludo king Tutorial

Follow the following steps to learn about the demo of ludo king.

  • First of all open the ludo king game.
  • Now, go to the setting icon on the home screen.
  • Click on the play in the tutorial option.
  • A popup will be in front of you that have you ever played ludo? If you press yes then there will be no demo and you will return to the home screen.
  • Press the no option.
  • Then a popup of basics will be in front of you, click the next option on popup.

Ludo King Objective

The objective of the ludo king is that to take the entire token from base to home.

Roll The Dice

Press the dice to learn to roll the dice.

Open The Token

You will get six on the token, now open any token out of four.

Ludo King Demo

Ludo King Demo

How To Kill The Token

If you get the number on the dice to that box where your opponent player has the token then you can kill the opponent player token.

Safe Places Of Ludo King

There are eight safes in ludo king where you cannot kill the other player token.

Take All The Token To The Home

Now take all the tokens to your home by rolling the dice.

Then a popup of congratulations will appear o the screen that now you are ready to play. Let’s play now!

Click on the ok icon and you will return to the home screen to play friend, family, and buddies.


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