Ludo King Updated Rules & Principles

A player can’t become a perfect player if he didn’t know the role and principle of the game. If you know the rules then you can also become the ruler of the game. Every best player of the game has rules on fingertips.

Ludo King Rules & Principles

Here is complete detail for you of ludo king.

General Rules

  • In ludo king, the player capacity is from 2 players to 6 players.
  • Every player gets the same color tokens which are four in number.
  • The purpose of playing is to take the tokens from base to home.
  • The player who takes firstly four tokens from base to home is the winner.
  • The base of the player is at the corner and home is at the center of the game board.
  • Who finishes first called the winner and the other runner up.
  • If more than two players are playing the match then the last person who did not finish the game is called a loser.
  • To open your token from the base, you are required to get six on the dice.
  • A most enjoyable moment in the game is to kill the opponent’s token.
  • There are 8 boxes on the board which is called the safe places. The boxes are printed with stars. An opponent player can’t kill your token on the star place.


Dice Rules

  • The dice has sixes sided which are printed from number 1 to 6 on each side.
  • The purpose of rolling the dice is to get numbers on dice and move your token on the game board boxes from base to home.
  • Three continuous sixes in one turn cancel your turn.
  • You can roll your dice more than once when
  • You get six
  • Kill the opponent token
  • Take your token home.

Follow these rules to win every game in ludo king.


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