Six Players Or Multiplayer Match In Ludo King

There is the option to play up to six players in ludo king. In starting, the ludo king introduced the four-player game to play but later on it is extended to play with six-person mode or multiplayer mode up to six. This feature is only available for offline mode. This is not available for online mode.

How To Play With Six Players In Ludo King

This is a step-by-step procedure to play ludo king with multi-players in offline mode.

Six Players In Ludo King

Six Players In Ludo King

  • Go to the home screen of ludo king.
  • Click on the local multiplayer icon.
  • There is an option to choose the color and number of players. You can choose up to six players. 2P shows two players, 3P shows three players, 4P shows four players, 5P shows five players and 6P shows six players option.
  • You can also edit the name instead of the player’s number.
  • Choose the option according to your own required number of players to play then click on the play option.
  • Now enjoy with your friends and family up to six members to play, enjoy, and have fun.

Multimode Features Of Ludo King

Multiplayer Feature In Ludo King

Multiplayer Feature In Ludo King

These are the following features of ludo king of multimode player (up to 6).

  • This is just available for only offline mode.
  • There is an option to play from two players to 6 players.
  • This is not available in online mode.
  • You can play up to six friends in just local player’s mode.
  • You cannot play up to six people versus a computer.



This is a very interesting feature to play with friends in free time, to play with family members at home or picnic time, to play with class fellows in the break or free period, to play with colleagues in office free time and play with buddies on different oceans.  Even cricket players and actors play this game during their free time and shooting free time to make fun and enjoy. So, play with this feature to enjoy and make fun.

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