Token Color Effects In Game Play Of Ludo King

There are no token color effects in ludo king. There are mostly four-color tokens in the ludo king game which are

  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Yellow

While playing ludo king, you can play with any color of tokens. All the concepts and thinking about winning and losing colors tokens are personal and out-of-reality concepts and do not have any influence on gameplay. All the concepts are just the own thoughts of players.

Some people think that the color of tokens affects the gameplay in ludo king. Some people think that if they play with green then they will win every game in ludo king. Whereas, some people have these thoughts about green and some about blue whereas rest about yellow. Similarly, some players have the concepts that if they will play with red color tokens then they will lose the match and some players have this concept about the blue color tokens.

Are token colors affect the gameplay in ludo king?

The best answer for this question is “absolutely not”. Because there is not any specific pattern or algorithm for any of colors out of them these four in ludo king and in six players mode the colors token are six in numbers. These are myths that any color token is winning color or another color is losing color token. These are just players’ own thinking and do not have any link with reality.

Winning token color effects in ludo king

Winning token color effects in ludo king

Here is the detail about myths about colors of tokens

Green Token Color Effects

Most ludo king players think that the green color is the winning color of token in the game but it is just thinking and did not correct thinking. There is no such guessed pattern in the ludo king game.

Red Color Token

Many players think that if you want to lose the game then choose the red color tokens. It is also a wrong concept. Red colors did not have any specific algorithm in the ludo king gameplay match.

Yellow Color Token

In many years of experience, I saw that people do not agree to take the yellow color token because they think that it is also losing color tokens. If you choose the yellow color token then you will lose the match. But it is also false thinking and concept.

Blue Color Token

The blue color token is considered the winning color token which is also not a true concept.


Conclusion Of Token Color Effects

losing color in ludo king

losing color in ludo king

From all the above discussion that it is clear that ludo king does not have any specific pattern or algorithm for gameplay or any match or token color effects. The algorithm is random and cannot be guessed. All the concepts about hacking and cheating are wrong and do not have existed in reality. So it is concluded that the colors of tokens did not affect winning or losing or the algorithm and pattern of ludo king can be guessed and also it did not hack or cheat.

All the gameplay is based on your strategy and tips and tricks. For winning every game in ludo king, you can visit our home page where 60+ tips and tricks waiting for you to win every game.

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