Voice Chat In Ludo King

Ludo King has introduced the voice chat feature. With this feature, you can do verbal chats with your friends during playing the game. It is easy to listen and speak during play instead of reading and then typing the messages in the chatbox while playing. This feature makes the chat easy and enjoyable. It is like a phone call and enjoys the game.

How To Do Voice Chat In Ludo King

Voice Chat In Ludo King

Voice Chat In Ludo King

To activate this feature in ludo king, you have to follow the following steps.

  • Click on the mike icon which is appearing in the right corner of the home screen of the ludo king.
  • There is a popup that will appear in front of you by the name “voice chat” having the options Refill the time and activate. Without refilling you cannot be able to use this feature during playing the game.
  • There is unlimited talk time for you for seven and three days.
  • Click on the activate voice chat for unlimited time.
  • There will be two options that appear in front of you by the headings 03 days talk time and 07 days talk time with their price. Click on the suitable talk time price and it will activate.
  • If you activate the specific time, then your friends have to activate their own time to play with voice chat and if you refill the unlimited talk time then there is no need for your friends to activate the talk time individually.

Follow These Steps After Activation

  • After activating the talk time, click on the option play with friends on the home screen.
  • Then select your token colors to play the game.
  • Then create the game room and share this game room code with friends to play.
  • Now your friends choose the token color and click on the join option to play the game with you having a voice chat option.
  • Then your friends will enter the game room code-shared by you and click on the join option to play the game.
  • When all your friends join the room then clicks on the play option.
  • The game will start now and the mike icons are showing with the profile picture of every player.
  • Let’s start to play with the voice chat feature and enjoy the game.



These are the following features in ludo king of voice chat.


  • You can mute the opponent player by clicking on their mike.
  • If you tap on your mike then you have three options. The first option is for on or off the voice chat. The second option is to mute your own mike while still, you can listen to all the other player’s vices. The third option is about the volume of the game. You can reduce or increase the volume of the game during playing.

These are the steps and features to play ludo with this chat feature. Following the above-given steps and enjoy the game playing with your friends, family, and buddies.

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